District Lunch at Stamford

August 23, 2022 John Booth

A great time was had by all who attended our District Lunch. A traditional Sunday Lunch, prepared by the Centre’s excellent Chef, Ill. Bro. Andy from Good Intent Chapter, who hosted the event, Andy and his merry team were on top form and the meal was enjoyed by all.

V.Ill. Bro John Booth, current Inspector General, was accompanied by his immediate predecessor V.Ill Bro. Rev. Tony Avery and his predecessor V.Ill Bro. Barrie Hall John commented that in respect of the long tenure of his predecessor’s, 10 years for Barrie and 15 years for Tony, that he himself by comparison was still at the beginning of a wonderful journey in his position.

The occasion also raised £150 for the charity Teddies for Loving Care.

On behalf of the District, special thanks to Ill. Bro Ian McLachan, District Recorder and the helpers of Good Intent CRC 951, for making this event happen.