The following brethren have been recently promoted by the Supreme Council in London.


Jeff LoweSt Crispin CRC 642202132˚
Ian McLachlanGood Intent CRC 951202232˚
John ClarkeDavid Earl of Huntingon 201202332˚
Peter SaunstonGood Intent CRC 951202131˚
Harry TwelvetreeCytringan CRC 256202131˚
Wifred RodwellDr Crucefix CRC 810202131˚
Ian CalderwoodGood Intent CRC 951202131˚
Brian ReesSt. George of England 205202131˚
Mike PepperSt Crispin CRC 642202331˚
Trevor MarchCytringan CRC 256202331˚
Graham MinnettSt. Lawrence the Martyr 860202331˚
Anthony ElseyDr Crucefix CRC 810202331˚
Martin HolidaySt. Lawrence the Martyr 860202331˚
Joe ApeaThomas a Becket 155202331˚
Peter FromentGood Intent CRC 951202130˚
Richard HillBeneventa CRC 939202130˚
Brian Swan-TaylorGood Intent CRC 951202230˚
Michael JollyDavid Earl of Huntingon 201202230˚
Richard PhillipsMedhamstede 214202230˚
Stephen QuinceyDr Crucefix CRC 810202230˚
Anthony LarkinsDavid Earl of Huntingon 201202230˚
Jason SmithSt. Lawrence the Martyr 860202330˚
Brian GargettBeneventa CRC 939202330˚
Cliff SummersDavid Earl of Huntingon 201202330˚
Ronald FeeleyPeverel CRC 522202330˚
Mo MoussiDavid Earl of Huntingon 201202330˚
Anthony WinnMercia CRC 658202330˚
Peter CorleyMedhamstede 214202330˚
Dane PaulGood Intent CRC 951202330˚

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By far the most usual way of being introduced to the Order is by invitation from an existing member but, especially if you have not knowingly met a member of the Order, you can express your interest by contacting the District Recorder who will be delighted to introduce you to a Chapter.

Throughout England and Wales and certain Districts and Chapters Overseas the Order is governed by the Supreme Council 33° whose headquarters are known as Grand East and are located at No. 10, Duke Street, St. James's, London SW1Y 6BS.


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